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Titles anyone? Buzzword, Adobe’s Flash–based word processor »

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I really do think that the authors of HTML had a good idea when they invented the H1, H2, … H6 tags.

No boring explanation here from me about semantic markup, but a mini rant. Read »

WordPress 2.5 released »

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It’s great so see WP continuing from strength to strenght. Read »

happy cog[1] and WordPress? Wow »

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[1]to be specific, the guys named at the top, (not sure if Liz Danzico is part of happy cog, but who’s counting). The important point is that these two powerful bodies have publicly intertwined in the production of WordPress v2.5. Read »

WordPress 2.5 Release Canadidate 1 — respect! Only one gripe so far »

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What as complex and sophisticated as a publishing platform can be produced to total perfection, without causing someone somewhere to gripe? So first of all, this gripe is tiny and insignificant in the big scheme, although not unimportant (if that does not seem too much of a contradiction). Read »

http://www.bbc.co.uk/ re-design goes live with compliant web standards »

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Rather gorgeous looking design and web standards to boot. The BBC Read »

Adobe.com re–design ixnay’s Macromedia & goes web–standards »

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Adobe.com have finally thrown away the clothes they bought a couple or so years back with the acquisition of Macromedia. Read »

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