Tweetie ‘group’ power user tip.


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Tweetie for Mac OS X is very nice nice indeed.

In some respects it’s not a power-users Twitter client of choice, probably mostly due to the lack of groups. But here’s a solution (warning, you may think the word ’solution’ is too strong a word here).

For me, grouping people (in Tweetdeck) was most useful as it allowed me to catch what certain people were saying, people who I particularly wanted to hear the thoughts of. Tweetie cannot do this — group people as Tweetdeck and some others can.

Partial Solution

I needed the groups usually when time was tight but I wanted to keep up with those in the groups. With Tweetie, if time in not pressing, the lack of groups makes for a much nicer single column of Tweets to scroll through. Great, but this is not the solution to the problem I am here to note.

The solution I am using when I am busy enough that I cannot scroll all past tweets is:

  • Enable ‘Dim Previously Selected Tweets’ (be sure to re-start Tweetie).
  • Scroll up fast.
  • Each time you see someone you want to miss no tweets from, click the tweet.
  • You’re taken to their timeline and now can see the clicked tweet (lower contrast). If it’s at the top of the list, then you have no more outstanding tweets to read when you return to scrolling up. If not, you can (like a group) read all their later tweets.
  • Return to your timeline and repeat, of course now missing our the fav’s you’ve previously clicked on.

Yes. This is not ideal in some regards, but I wonder if in others, it is better? I was finding with Tweetdeck that I was treating those on my normal timeline with too little attention and those in my groups with too much. Now I fee more balanced and with the above, back in control too.

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