The sharp edges in Web design — a quick initial list


The Writing ‘The sharp edges in Web design — a quick initial list’ was added on September 14th, 2007. It's filed under: The sharp edges.


Dang… I just knew this topic would defeat me.

Well not quite defeat, more like delay. In time, this will become a lovely fully fledged list of grottyness to shine a light on what stuff to avoid in Web design. But for now it’s just this rather lame list:

  • tables for layout—Ouch!
  • inaccessible content—Oo!
  • pages that don’t print simply—Yeek!
  • fat web pages that load so slow, people leave—No!
  • useless images that don’t work—Sss!
  • useless text the search engines will never find—Youch!

…and if you find any of that here, I have my excuse lined up.

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