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New website, more services »

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We’re busy with lots of projects, one of which is our own new website which is launching soon.

One feature will be a couple of packaged website services to cost-effectively meet a wider range of client needs.

I’m at work over here »

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Whowa! THAT was a busy year or so (since I last wrote here).

And still busy, but some of the work now includes the development of a new fluffDESIGN website. Happy!

If nothing’s fixed, everything jiggles »

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It may be tempting to think of your site in terms of visual design and structure and content — all at the same time. Don’t… Read »

Tweetie ‘group’ power user tip. »

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Tweetie for Mac OS X is very nice nice indeed.

In some respects it’s not a power-users Twitter client of choice, probably mostly due to the lack of groups. But here’s a solution (warning, you may think the word ’solution’ is too strong a word here). Read »

Apple OS X 10.5.1+ firewall better explained »

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Maybe it’s me, but Apple seem to have made hash of explaining their excellent firewall, until now. Read »

Logitech mouse ‘software’ & Leopard 10.5.X »

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Logitech mouse ‘software’ & Leopard 10.5.X & — don’t… Read »

Textpattern or Expression Engine »

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Is there a trend going around?

There’s photos of me wearing flares (somewhere) and now of course I think they look peculiar, but Read »

Jeepers creepers »

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THAT took a lot of effort.

My web host went down for a day, then another and then I just got itchy and had to move. Read »

BBC on Firefox 3.0 - badly written or my bias? »

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Is it me or is:

Firefox 3 will work with Windows 2000, XP and Vista and some non-Windows operating systems including Linux.

written in a way that sounds disparaging of anything non-Windows? Read »

Titles anyone? Buzzword, Adobe’s Flash–based word processor »

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I really do think that the authors of HTML had a good idea when they invented the H1, H2, … H6 tags.

No boring explanation here from me about semantic markup, but a mini rant. Read »

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